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Legal Fees

Pursuant to the rules of ethics governing the attorney’s profession, we issue an engagement letter after an initial communication with the client and a preliminary analysis of the file. Our proposal is adapted to the client’s needs and is subject to the client’s approval.

A retainer is requested from new clients. We invoice our clients on a monthly basis, unless the file only requires a one-off service. Our invoices include details of the services preformed. VAT, if applicable, is added to our invoices.

Deleporte Wentz Avocat proposes different billing options, taking into account the types of services to be provided :

We bill based on time spent when it is not possible to assess the future developments of a file (such as contractual negotiations, pre-litigation or litigation files).
The fee amount is calculated on the basis of the applicable hourly fee and time spent working on the file.

We may propose a sliding scale pricing for files on time spent spanning over a period of several months and requiring a variable number of hours month over month.

We can provide a packaged fee or budget when, based on our professional experience, we can assess the time necessary to provide the services (such as drafting a given contract or conducting research and formalities for a trademark application).

Our proposal identifies the services to be provided, the applicable hourly fee and our estimate of the total number of hours necessary.

For clients with recurring requests (Q&A), we can propose a hot line service, either by telephone or through short written responses to simple questions. This service is proposed as a monthly subscription with either a maximum number of hours or number of simple questions included in the subscription.

A subscription fee is contracted for a minimum term of three months and is invoiced monthly.

For litigation files, we may agree to set a success fee. A success fee is an additional payment based on a specific result having been reached (such as a court decision in favor of the client, or the signature of a settlement contract).

Attorneys cannot be paid exclusively with a success fee. The success fee is paid as an addition to fees on time spent or packaged. Success fees must be agreed in writing and set out in the engagement letter.

Training fees are set per half training day or full training day and take into account the number of attendees. Travel and accommodation expenses of the course instructor shall be reimbursed by the client, as applicable.

The following expenses are not included in our fees: bailiff and expert fees, court fees, and all similar expenses. All such expenses and fees as well as travel and accommodation expenses shall be reimbursed by the client as applicable..